PREMACOR Group of Companies celebrates CHRISTMAS PARTY 2014

Last December 20, 2014, PREMACOR Group of Companies conducted its Christmas Party 2014 at Margarita Family Cuisine, Robinland Penthouse, F.E.Luellig Avenue, North Reclamation Area, Mandaue City with a theme “A TASTE OF TEXAS AS THE MAGIC OF CHRISTMAS COMES. WILD, WILD WEST PARTY, PREMACOR FAMILY”. One of the guests of the said party was Mr. Apolinar Suarez, owner of Suarez Brothers, Incorporated. The party was remarkable, Mr. Jose Morales even said it was the best party the company ever had. The party started and ended with 42 winners of Php 1,000.00 (termed as First and Last To Be Called with an investment per employee of Php 100). There were five showcases for raffle to employees and those were Bedroom Showcase, Dining Set Showcase, Living Room Showcase, Pangkabuhayan Showcase and Entertainment Showcase. There were also five 28” Devant FlatScreen Televisions for raffle each per company. There were awards given for the winners of Dance Contest and Stars of the Night. The party was entertained with an acoustic band and dance presentations.