About Us

    Making a NAME in the Metal Working Industry

Humble Beginnings

PREMACOR was founded on September 5, 1980. It started as a machine shop in the house garage. PREMACOR first ventured into servicing machine parts of the beverage, shipping, and mining industries.

How We Have Evolved

PREMACOR was incorporated in 1984 with its goal to become a high-precision machine parts manufacturer servicing local and overseas customers who would settle for nothing less than world class standards. It was in 1987 when companies at the Mactan Economic Zone (MEZ) started mushrooming that PREMACOR changed direction toward Precision Engineering. Today, a huge share of PREMACOR revenues comes from servicing these companies.

Proven People, Proven Team, Proven Track Records

We firmly believe that the standard of products and/or services a company offers is a true reflection of the work environment it provides and quality of people it employs. From a handful of brave and skilled men in the 80s, PREMACOR now has more than 100 competent and highly trained employees, specializing in all machining disciplines-some trained by foreign experts. We help improve and develop the community where we operate, through projects that can uplift the environmental skills and livelihood of the community. Mr. Jose T. Morales, President and CEO of PREMACOR Group of Companies and has already 50years of experience in the Metal Working Industry, always believe that workers are not a resource to be equated with materials, machine, and money as an input to production. Workers are the best asset of the company that when pooled together in teamwork, workers and the company as a whole can achieve high synergies. These he learned from his mentors in Germany.